Workshop In Business Opportunities (WIBO): 

How to Build a Growing Profitable Business

The WIBO 16-Week Workshop: How to Build a Growing Profitable Business is a nationally renowned, peer-to-peer led business training program for business owners ready to launch a business or take their established business to the next level. WIBO offers an opportunity to develop the basic structure for a sustainable business growth and profitability plan, including cornerstone analytical tools that develop and sustain informed financial decision-making.

WIBO is structured to provide a unique peer-to-peer learning environment where volunteer business owners and business subject experts share their expertise and experiences through facilitated discussions and case studies about all aspects of running a successful and profitable business. The cohort will learn about marketing, market research, purchasing, pricing strategies, sales, finance, record-keeping and accounting, human resources, law and other facets of operating a business while interacting with other business owners who share their own experiences, insights, and best practices.

“I was inspired to rethink how I had done business in the past and to take an honest look at past challenges. The WIBO program can and does help people unlock their true potential through raising awareness with peer interaction, inspiring new ideas and encouraging creativity from the various facilitators.” - WIBO Graduate, 2014

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