Zahner takes modern design to new heights


Zahner turns building materials into works of art and the family-run company has done so with the lift of AltCap’s New Markets Tax Credits, expanding its headquarters with a 17,000 ft. addition and investment into the urban core. 

Situated on a nondescript corner of 9th Street and the Paseo in downtown Kansas City, this is not your average addition. This is an organically-shaped structure, covered with over 2,500 zinc panels and in the right light, it looks like silver snakeskin. 

Though one side of the building is metal, the other side has floor to ceiling windows with plenty of natural light. The inside has a open floor plan and the room is buzzing with activity, this accessibility and transparency lets the designers, engineers and fabricators collaborate which leads to efficiencies across the organization. If you get a chance, peek into one of the meeting pods, and look up. It is magical.


Drawing the best talent from across the country and here in Kansas City, Zahner has created a team of architectural, creative, engineering and fabrication experts, expanded the company, and earning an international reputation, drawing clients from all over the country.

“With our reputation now, anybody that’s doing anything in metal that is special our name will come up, even other parts of the world,” CEO Bill Zahner says. “Every week there’s some group in here from different parts, from Nova Scotia, from Mexico, Jakarta, and they come through here and they’re always like what the, what are you guys up to?”

Closer to home Zahner is dedicated to Kansas City, and changing the built environment around its headquarters by participating in neighborhood clean ups and encouraging staff to volunteer at local schools. The company is also committed to sustainability, recycling 90% of its materials. 


When asked about what advice he would give to other organizations starting a business in Kansas City, Bill says, “Keep pushing, keep exploring, don’t stop learning,” Zahner says. “Know more about different things. Don’t stop being inquisitive in the world around you. Surround yourself with people that are very smart and very creative.”

Megan CrookComment