Faith over fear is the answer for Kansas City small business, CCI Securities


LC Lomax is not just blowing hot air when explaining that AltCap played an influential role in expanding his business, CCI Securities, Metal Design, and Engineering. 

The residential and commercial welding and metal fabrication shop run by LC Lomax needed a small business loan to help grow the company that produces a range of products from custom air conditioner cages to metal railings to hitch haulers.

Lomax learned at one of his jobs that a friend, who owned a rapidly growing HVAC company, had been working with AltCap. But when Davin Gordon, Business Development Officer from AltCap called to tell Lomax about the Workshop In Business Opportunities, Lomax gave him an earful.


“Fear is the absence of faith, and I had no faith in what AltCap would do for me. I was fearful thinking I’m going to allow myself to be used by these people, and I’m just going to go to this class and they are going to sit there and talk and what am I going to get out of this.”

Lomax eventually did participate in WIBO but he and Davin laugh about the story now

“Taking the WIBO 16-week course was highly enlightening. From going and taking the class, it really just kind of directed me where I know I’m going to be successful.”

Lomax continues to stay connected with AltCap hoping to pursue a small business loan so he can move to a bigger building as well as hire an assistant and one or two more welders. This will allow him “to go out, measure it, bid it, figure it out, design it, give it to the guys in the shop and let them go to work.” He also wants to expand into industrial welding and metal fabrication.

“If I need something, I can call [AltCap]. If someone’s busy, they’ll get back to me as quick as they can. Questions I’ve needed to have answered, they get answered. It’s a great relationship. I look forward to being able to be as successful as I can, and then letting everyone know that they were some of the ones that helped me to get there.”

Megan CrookComment