2019 NRF guidelines and application:

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The deadline to submit a 2019 NRF application is March 1, 2019.

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The Neighborhoods Rising Fund (NRF) is a funding collaborative that annually provides grants up to $3,000 for community projects and neighborhood revitalization initiatives that help build stronger and more effective neighborhood organizations in low to moderate income areas throughout the Greater Kansas City region. The NRF is managed by the Community Capital Fund and Greater Kansas City LISC.

2019 NRF grant review session: Bring in a draft of your NRF grant application for feedback from grant administrators. Please sign up for one 15 minute slot on February 20, 2:30-6:00 pm, for your grant review.

Funders Report: The NRF has impacted Kansas City neighborhoods in positive, measurable ways. To read more about our impact, view the past year's Funders Reports:

Initiatives funded through the NRF should demonstrate:

  • a direct service or benefit to the community identified in the proposal. (501c3 organizations who are not neighborhood organizations must exhibit a strong, working relationship with the neighborhood association serving the proposed project location)

  • is inclusive to all members of a neighborhood

  • an inclusive process was used to identify community need for the project

  • supports long-range plans for neighborhood improvement

  • can be completed by December 15. Proposed projects may be a component of a larger project, but the proposed project must be a distinct and separate piece that can be completed by December 15

  • financial feasibility

  • leverages funding through strong partnerships, additional donations or grants, and in-kind community resources (volunteers, supplies, etc.)

The following types of projects will not be funded:

  • Public infrastructure improvements including sidewalk and curb improvements

  • Start-up funds for the operation of neighborhood centers (this is different than startup funds for the development of a neighborhood center)

  • Continued operating expenses including rent and utilities

  • Projects that include salaries or stipends that total more than 10% of the awarded funds

  • Projects that utilize NRF funds to pay salaries for functions that have traditionally been performed by neighborhood volunteers


For more information, contact:

Ami Freeberg
Program Coordinator

o (816) 502-9584 
e ami@ccfkansascity.org