Fiscal Sponsorship

CCF supports local community development and social entrepreneurship through the Fiscal Sponsorship program. CCF’s Fiscal Sponsorship program, which utilizes a Model C (grantor-grantee structure), provides an alternative to starting a nonprofit for mission-aligned, community development projects.

Social entrepreneurs selected for this program are able to seek grants and tax-deductible donations without 501c3 status, thus increasing the capacity and impact of the project. CCF has provided fiscal sponsorship for social enterprises including, Nile Valley Aquaponics and Rightfully Sewn, among others.

To apply, download and complete the CCF Fiscal Sponsorship Guidelines and Application. It is required that you schedule time to meet with the CCF Program Manager to discuss your project prior to submitting your application.

For more information about the application process, contact info@ccfkansascity.org.


For more information, contact:

Megan Crook
Executive Director

o (816) 502-9584 
e info@ccfkansascity.org