The Community Capital Fund (CCF) supports and promotes innovative and measurable community development by focusing on neighborhood capacity building initiatives that leverage community resources and expertise.

We work with neighborhood leaders and organizations that strengthen and develop the financial, social, and knowledge capital of Kansas City’s historically underestimated and under-resourced communities.


Neighborhoods Rising Fund 

The Neighborhoods Rising Fund (NRF) is a unique funding collaborative that annually provides grants up to $3,000 for community-driven and neighborhood-led revitalization projects and initiatives in low- to moderate- income areas throughout the Greater Kansas City region.

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Community Development Workshop

The Community Development Workshop (CDW) is an intensive, one-day opportunity to learn from leaders in community development, collaborate with other neighborhood and community activists, and be empowered to transform your community.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

CCF’s Fiscal Sponsorship program provides an alternative to starting a nonprofit for mission-aligned, community development projects. Social entrepreneurs selected for this program are able to seek grants and tax-deductible donations without 501c3 status, thus increasing the capacity and impact of the project.

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