If you’re like most entrepreneurs, starting a business requires the use of credit. A majority of entrepreneurs utilize their personal credit when starting or expanding a small business. While keeping personal and business credit separated is good practice, it may be difficult in the beginning stages. That’s why it’s important to build and maintain a healthy personal credit report and score.

Like in most credit decisions by financial institutions the quality of a borrower's credit is important, and AltCap is no different. However, unlike most traditional financial institutions, your credit and credit history is not an overriding factor in determining whether you qualify for an AltCap loan. That said, we want you to come to us with your small business financing needs in the best position possible.  So, to ensure you put your best foot forward, AltCap has partnered with CHES, Inc. to offer credit building services to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  

CHES, Inc. is a HUD Certified, 501(c)(3) housing counseling and financial empowerment organization whose mission is based on the belief that their clients’ needs are of the utmost importance.  With CHES, Inc., you will have access to a number of financial and credit building programs and resources to get you on the right track towards strong, healthy personal or business credit.  And just like AltCap, CHES, Inc. is committed to treating each client with the individualized attention and great service we pride ourselves on delivering to the small businesses we work with every day. 

To get started on determining your credit history and obtaining your credit score, please use the following link to complete an online intake form:

Once CHES, Inc. receives your intake form a representative will contact you to set up a time to meet to discuss a credit building plan for you and/or your small business with the goal of putting you in the best credit position to be considered for an AltCap microloan or any of the other loan products we offer.

For additional information about the Credit Builder Program and/or AltCap's alternative, non-traditional loan products for small businesses, contact Davin Gordon at